And so it’s settled … we’re living in Rossland!

This isn’t news to most of you and I may seem really late to the game (you know, having moved almost 4 months ago now), but since I’ve only just decided to start “blogging,” this seemed as a good a place to start as any.  This newest endeavor might suggest to you that as a stay-at-home Mom I’m looking for ways to fill my days, so let me take this opportunity to make something clear: as a Mom, a wife, a homeowner, a Teacher-on-call, and a friend, I have more than enough to keep me busy.  Add to that being someone who needs to have everything perfect, always (think Monica from Friends, though in my experience people find it less endearing in real life), there aren’t enough hours in the day.  BUT, my crazy full, never stop running in circles head needs an outlet.  Plus, I thought this could be a fun way to keep our far away family and friends current with all things Mercer (even if my Mom and Grandma are the only ones to read this).  Enjoy!

Now, back to the point …

Having been born and raised in Whitecourt, I’m not sure we ever really considered choosing to settle anywhere else.  So after University, we bought a town house, found some jobs and built a life back home.  With Brady’s love for skiing and us both taking up mountain biking in the summer, we were spending more and more weekends away.  This gave us many opportunities to explore new places, but unfortunately had us truly living for the weekends and spending most of our weeknights wishing we could be doing what we loved.  After years of dreaming about owning a vacation property at a ski resort ‘someday,’ we finally had the bright idea to actually LIVE there (seriously, what took us so long?)!  It seemed a bit crazy (clearly we have slightly subdued version of crazy), but really, it wouldn’t ever get easier to pack up and head to the mountains.  After a couple of years in beautiful, but not so perfect for us, Fernie, BC, we discovered Rossland and it was love at first sight!  We instantly fell head over heals for this charming little town of only 3500 people and one little traffic light.  Folks here are beyond friendly (people always say that, but it’s never been more true!), the summers are breathtakingly beautiful and EVERYONE here is thrilled when it snows -every single time!  Not to mention, we can take part in all of the super fun things we love to do any day of the week we choose 🙂  Don’t let my enthusiasm fool you, our move to BC hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows.  We miss our families more than words can say (at least what my limited vocabulary can convey).  This is especially true since our son Carson was born – as he learns something new and exciting, it serves to remind us how much they are missing – EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Also, having always taken the rich Alberta economy and our generous incomes right out of University for granted, we had a pretty big wake up call moving to the land of no teaching jobs and a less generous government that charges you an extra 12% tax on everything you buy (which is somehow already double the price that it used to be).  Turns out all this beauty and fun comes at a price we would have to work hard to afford.  Luckily almost everyone here shares in our struggles – so, we’ve made our own little Rossland family (and a pretty amazing one at that!) and we spend as much time outdoors with them as we can enjoying this beautiful place.  Turns out keeping up with the Jones’ in Rossland, BC is all about what you did today rather than what you bought, which is much more up our alley 😉

I promise, I do in fact have a point …

Making life in BC work has been a dream come true as well as one of the hardest things we’ve ever done all at the same time.  Every time things got tough or we’d miss our families, the conversation would always roll back to, “maybe we should just go home.”  We’ve struggled with whether making things work here was worth the effort and the sacrifice of being so far away from the people we love most in the world.  There’s no question that life in Whitecourt was easier, but we kept holding on to hope that the struggles were worth it.  There was no doubt in our minds, there was ALWAYS no doubt that this was where we wanted to raise our family.  That we really do LOVE it here.  Once we head out for a hike, hop on our bikes or go for a ski, it’s so easy to remember that!  So, how did we finally end this torture of going back and forth that we’d put ourselves through for the past 4 years (it seems we’re slow learners)?  In one weekend the most indecisive people in the world decided to take that option of giving up and going home out of their back pocket – somehow Brady and I FINALLY made a decision and bought a house in Rossland.


Now, Rossland is home and we’ve never been happier 🙂


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4 thoughts on “And so it’s settled … we’re living in Rossland!

  1. At 18, I left my entire family and friends and moved halfway across country with my boyfriend (who is now the husband) and everyone thought I was nuts. Every time, I started feeling really low, I’d think about going back. But I stuck it out. We built a life and created a family and every day I’m thankful that we worked hard to create a life of our own. Would it be nice to have family here? Definitely, especially when we want a babysitter! haha But it makes us just that much more creative and driven to work together as a team to do things for ourselves.

    I love your house and it sounds like you guys made the right choice! Congratulations. 🙂


    • Thanks Jen! It’s so comforting to hear stories about others that felt the same way.
      I can’t imagine how scary that must have been for you at only 18. I never really thought about what a big deal it was to leave your hometown and family until I did it myself. We’ll definitely ALWAYS miss having them closer (and I’m incredibly envious of my friends that can call up the grandparents to babysit whenever they need too!), but there really is no doubt in my mind that this is where we are meant to be 🙂


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