Friday Finds: My Favorite Swoon-Worthy Posts & Tutorials this Week

This week has been SO CRAZY BUSY as we get ready to run off to Mexico! Yes, for 8 blissful days, we’ll be visiting C’s grandparents and, maybe more importantly for Carson, enjoying their swimming pool!  Anyone that knows me, knows that not only does this mean a week of stressing about packing (seriously, is there anything more daunting than having to know exactly what you’ll need for the next week?!), but also making sure my house is clean immaculate for our return … it will be SO worth it when we are exploring Guayabitos and catching up with our family.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also looking forward to sleeping sipping on margaritas while watching Carson enjoy some quality time with his Grandparents!

I wish I could say that I’d planned ahead and made sure y’all would have something to enjoy while I was away, but new blog + spur of the moment trip = too much to do & not enough time plan it, let alone do it in.  Rest assured that what I have in store for you over the next few weeks is so UNBELIEVABLY exciting, there’s no doubt that it’ll be worth the wait!  I can hardly stand not blurting it all out now, but I promise you won’t want to miss what’s coming!!!

In the mean time, enjoy my favorites this week:


Favorite DIY Knockoff


Favorite Dining Room Trend


Favorite Before & After House Tour


Favorite Painted Dresser


Favorite Windows


Favorite Bathroom Makeover


Favorite DIY Plank Wall


Favorite Art Project


Favorite Recipe we tried this week


Wishing you all a fantastic weekend and week to come!!!



One thought on “Friday Finds: My Favorite Swoon-Worthy Posts & Tutorials this Week

  1. What a nice surprise Kristi! Thanks so much for featuring my knock of Vintage Industrial Letters! I am so excited about how they turned out and I can’t wait for you to see them in the completed room! Have a wonderful vacation and I look forward to hearing what you have up your sleeve when you return!


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