Friday Finds: Here are some of my favorites from this week

It’s been another week of lovely weather in Rossland, so we’ve been enjoying many walks and have had some lovely playdates at the park.

Since experimenting with chalk paint on Tuesday (read about it here), I’ve been super busy crossing a million boring tasks off my ever growing to-do list.  Though it feels good to get things done, it hasn’t been much fun and certainly hasn’t inspired me to write much.  I did start work on a gallery wall (those that follow me on making it in the mountains facebook will have seen some pictures).  I had full intentions of making Brady help me put it up that night, but as I scoured coralpinterest for some inspiration, I ended up finding more pieces to add to it … FIGURES! Anybody that knows me, knows that I can ALWAYS find a reason to shop online (maybe Brady’s suggestion of a post about NOT shopping for a month wasn’t such a bad idea!).   So, even though I’m CRAZY excited to share what I’ve come up with, it’ll have to stay spread out on our guest bed for a while (I promise to share some sneak-peeks on bluefb as things arrive!)  .

This weekend will be a busy one, working to accomplish more things that nobody wants to do, let alone read about on a blog (taxes, cleaning windows and installing screens).  I promise that I do have some fun posts in mind to get us all through it though! 😉  For now, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite things this week:

Favorite Design Series


Favorite Dresser


Favorite Living Room Makeover


Favorite DIY Boxes


Favorite Shoes


Favorite Gallery Wall


Favorite Closet Makeover


Wishing everyone such a fabulous weekend!!!




Friday Finds – Here’s what I’m crushing on this week

I really don’t want to jinx it, but I think perhaps, just maybe, Spring may have actually arrived on time this year!!! We’ve been enjoying the great outdoors and taking in the gorgeous Spring weather all week. Seriously, I am SO excited for Summer that I can’t even fathom complaining once about the heat (I can’t believe I just put that in writing!).

Anyway, as always, I’ve been super busy around the house this week planting an indoor herb garden (pictures to come soon), making shopping lists (yes, multiple) for our trip down to Spokane this weekend & how could I forget the painting and “distressing” of those elusive shelves I keep talking about (hoping to get them up on the wall this weekend, so I can post about them next week!!!). I’ve also spent enormous (I’m talking embarrassingly huge) amounts of time in front of the computer this week – not only did I search for new blogs to nominate in passing along my Liebster Award, I also worked incredibly hard to rework my blog design over the last few days and I’m actually pretty thrilled with how it’s all come together!

I came across some absolutely AMAZING ideas and posts this week in my search of fabulous new blogs and I am so excited to share some of them with you today!

Friday Favorites | making it in the mountainsFavorite Kitchen Makeover – LOVE this wall colour!


Favorite Jewelry Display \ making it in the mountains

Favorite Jewelry Display


Favorite DIY ShelvesFavorite DIY Shelves


Favorite Must-Try Recipe | making it in the mountainsFavorite Must-Try Recipe


Favorite Wine Nook | making it in the mountainsFavorite Kitchen Nook


Favorite Mudroom | making it in the mountainsFavorite Mudroom


Favorite Copycat DIY | making it in the mountainsFavorite Copycat DIY


Favorite Gallery WallFavorite Gallery Wall

Favorite Dining Table | making it in the mountainsFavorite Dining Table
Favorite Family Room Makeover | making it in the mountainsFavorite Family Room Update


Favorite Dresser | making it in the mountainsFavorite Ikea Dresser Re-do


Have a lovely weekend!

Shopping for our Sectional

Oh boy, this is clearly going to be a process!  With SO many options and SO much money on the line, the two most indecisive people in the world are going to need some time, lots of time I’m sure, and probably a little help too.

Here’s what we know:  We like charcoal – something with a dark grey colour and some texture to it.  We are also quite sure that we want a “U” shape with two comfy corners to snuggle in.  Lastly, there is no question that we need the back cushions to be loose so that we can move and rearrange them into a comfy nest.

Here’s what we still need to decide:  Do we want a modern or traditional look?  Do we really need the massive sofa that I’m envisioning?  Will we need to spend a small fortune to get what we want?  Is it even smart to spend a small fortune when we will have kids that in all likelihood will wreak havoc on the poor thing?  We also need to figure out the layout of our space (apparently hubby and I have different visions of where everything will go – who knew?) – clearly this is key to figuring out the best configuration for the sofa.

Here’s what we found:  Living in a rural area doesn’t leave us with a ton of shopping options, but we did find one local store (and by local, I mean 1 hour away), Kootenai Moon Furniture, that we really liked.  They didn’t have much for us to see in the showroom, but they did look through some catalogs with us.  To be honest, I’m not sure that we could really purchase a sofa without actually sitting on it (how could we possibly be sure it would fill the role of big, comfy couch?), but judging solely on appearance, which seems to be our only available tool at the moment, we narrowed it down to two options both made by the same Canadian company.

The Jacob was the sofa that the store staff was most excited about, simply because of the sale price they could offer, which was about 1/2 the cost of the others that we looked at.  We liked that we could customize the configuration and fabric, but really didn’t care for the super wide arms.

The Harry had a look that suited our tastes better and offered the same options for customization, but was double the price.

I couldn’t of course take any photos of couches that weren’t there, but I did snap some pics of our favorite fabric options:

To be honest, I’m not sure that either of these is the perfect couch for us, but the experience certainly helped us to better understand what we are looking for and it was definitely fun to start looking 🙂  Looking forward to checking out what Kelowna and Spokane might have to offer next!

I’ll leave you with a photo of our little guy … clearly he had a long day of shopping too!
Carson Shopping | making it in the mountains

Friday Finds

It’s been another busy week in the Mercer house – is there ever any other kind? We’ve been getting over the last bit of our colds, working on some shelves for the landing on the stairs, and enjoying more time at the pool with swimming lessons. We’re hoping to have a super productive weekend finishing up the shelves and heading to Nelson for some furniture shopping – wahoo! Though we’ll just be looking and definitely won’t be bringing anything big home with us, I’m super excited!!!

Here are some of my favorite finds this week:

Favorite Rug


Absolute Favorite Room. Period.


Favorite Must-try Recipe


Favorite Lights – perfect for our entryway!


Favorite Touch of Spring


Favorite Ikea Find


Favorite Scarf


Favorite Bed


Have a lovely weekend!

Friday Finds

It’s been a super busy week of Spring cleaning, swimming lessons and walks toting rocks around in the sleigh.  I’m working on a couple of projects that I’m super excited to share, but in the mean time here’s a list of my favorite finds this week:

Favorite Kitchen Island


Favorite Skirt


Favorite Gallery Wall of Mirrors


Favorite Bedding Set Perfect for the Lodge


Favorite Ikea Find


Absolute Favorite Bedroom


Liz Marie BlogFavorite New-to-me Blog


Favorite Necklace


Favorite Must Try Recipe


Favorite Wallpaper


Happy Weekend!!!