{Spring Break} Mexican Style

Hola!!!  Cómo estás?

Baby Margaritas

Spring Break has come and gone, which means the Mercers are back home from our super sunny getaway to Guayabitos, Mexico.  Now this was not a relax-by-the-pool-at-a-resort-for-8-days sort of trip …  we were lucky enough to stay with my in-laws, who have a beautiful home just steps from the ocean in the most lovely little town.  They made such fabulous tour guides showing us around the area – taking us to the yummiest restaurants, the best shops & markets and wandering with us through so many different neighborhoods.  We really enjoyed chatting with the people that call these little towns home – learning about where they live and how different life is and we really do feel SO incredibly lucky to have had the chance to experience real Mexico.  We had such an amazing time with Brady’s family and our goodbye was a hard one, but we cannot wait to go back for another visit & more adventures soon!!!


Mexico 2014
Such a FANTASTIC time with our family exploring the towns, shopping the markets, sipping margaritas (virgin margaritas for the little one of course!), playing on the beach & even planting our own coconut tree!


Here’s a peek at just a few of the treasures I found to bring home with us:

Mexico Souvenirs | making it in the mountains



And now, unfortunately, it’s back to reality … there are suitcases to be unpacked, seemingly endless piles of laundry, & who could forget spring cleaning.

I thought I’d leave y’all with a sneak peek at what I’m working on this week.  Be sure to stay tuned for some CRAZY EXCITING news to come in the next few weeks!!!

Sneek Peek Dresser | making it in the moutainsSneek Peek Gallery Wall | making it in the mountains




Shopping for an Outdoor Dining Set

Shopping for an Outdoor Dining Set
With the sun shining and the temperatures creeping up, Spring finally seems to be rolling in! Summer won’t be far behind and let me tell you, there is nothing as beautiful and lovely as summer in the Kootenays! Already, I find myself dreaming about breakfasts outside in the warm summer sun, taking in the amazing mountain views. At the moment our yard is a big, messy pile of snow & mud and, with a million other things to spend our money on this summer, the best we can hope for is a big, messy pile of dirt … so, when we’re not out hiking or biking, we will likely be enjoying the great outdoors on our courtyard deck. Without a place to sit or even set down a drink, it’s not an easy place to relax. Enter the outdoor dining set.

Originally, I figured we’d shell out $500 for a decent dining set up and enjoy it for years to come; however, it seems (like so many other things), I greatly underestimated what it would cost to get even a simple table and some chairs. I could go to ikea or Walmart and find a smaller, less expensive set to get us through the summer for $300-$500 and it would do the job, but I just can’t bring myself to spend so much on something that will be so temporary. So instead, I’ve adjusted our budget to $1000 (*ish).  I’m picturing something with a wood or wicker look, but we need something that will stand up to the elements on our uncovered deck and I’m not really open to doing a ton of maintenance every year, so I’m thinking faux wood and resin wicker will work best for us.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite options. If you’re hunting down an outdoor dining set this Spring too, hopefully this will help get you started!

Seating for 4:

Joss and Main has this 5 piece dining set for $1090 right now, which really seems like a steal when comparing it to similar sets!  I absolutely love the idea of being able to tuck everything away from the elements so easily!

Another 4 seater option from Joss and Main for only $790.  I like the substantial chairs and the table has got a classic look, but unfortunately, it’s a bit small for us.

Seating for more:

Home Depot has this 7 piece set for only $855.  That’s a faux wood table (so no maintenance) and the chair cushions and lumbar pillows are included in this price.


This option came from an unexpected place … Jysk.  At $699, this set seems like an amazing deal!  The black wicker looks a bit more contemporary and I’m loving the shape of the chairs.

If you have a bit more to spend:

At $1338.00, This is definitely over budget, but I really do love the idea of being able to tuck away the chairs easily, which will really help to keep them clean and dry.  Unfortunately, no cushions for these ones.

This faux wood table and the resin wicker chairs are exactly what I’m looking for!  It comes in a bit over our budget at $1599 from Hayneedle.

Coming in at $1836, this set up isn’t really an option for us, but I couldn’t help but share the brilliant way everything folds and tucks under the table!

Though I’m not so sure about the wood construction, I do love the classic look of this set.   I also really like that I could purchase a couple of wicker chairs for each end down the road to expand this set for 6 people.  This set is slightly over our budget at $1270, but isn’t completely unreasonable to consider.

A girl can dream:

If you have thousands to spend, and a covered space to protect your investment, then these options from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware should absolutely top your list!  SO gorgeous!!!

DIY option:

I truly love the idea of building our own set!  This way we could really get the look we’re going for and, not only would we save some money, but we would appreciate them so much more.  I’m not afraid to put the work in (not sure hubby agrees with me here), but I don’t love the fact that we would have to put work into maintaining the beauty for years to come.

With a bit of digging, I was able to find a ton of choices that would work for us.  I really like the idea of building our own set … with all of the building plan options available online, there’s no doubt we could find something resembling one of the dream tables from Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn.  With a couple of benches and a a pretty wicker chair at each end, I think it could look really great!

If we do decide to buy, this is perhaps my favorite option … at $906 it comes in under budget and I really love the mix of the metal and wicker.   With the rustic looking table and bench, the metal chairs and the wicker, this set is exactly what I was picturing!  Added bonus: with a throw cushion or two, those wicker chairs would be a comfy place to curl up on the deck with a book!

Would LOVE to hear what you think would look best on our little courtyard deck?

House | making it in the mountains


Shopping for our Sectional

Oh boy, this is clearly going to be a process!  With SO many options and SO much money on the line, the two most indecisive people in the world are going to need some time, lots of time I’m sure, and probably a little help too.

Here’s what we know:  We like charcoal – something with a dark grey colour and some texture to it.  We are also quite sure that we want a “U” shape with two comfy corners to snuggle in.  Lastly, there is no question that we need the back cushions to be loose so that we can move and rearrange them into a comfy nest.

Here’s what we still need to decide:  Do we want a modern or traditional look?  Do we really need the massive sofa that I’m envisioning?  Will we need to spend a small fortune to get what we want?  Is it even smart to spend a small fortune when we will have kids that in all likelihood will wreak havoc on the poor thing?  We also need to figure out the layout of our space (apparently hubby and I have different visions of where everything will go – who knew?) – clearly this is key to figuring out the best configuration for the sofa.

Here’s what we found:  Living in a rural area doesn’t leave us with a ton of shopping options, but we did find one local store (and by local, I mean 1 hour away), Kootenai Moon Furniture, that we really liked.  They didn’t have much for us to see in the showroom, but they did look through some catalogs with us.  To be honest, I’m not sure that we could really purchase a sofa without actually sitting on it (how could we possibly be sure it would fill the role of big, comfy couch?), but judging solely on appearance, which seems to be our only available tool at the moment, we narrowed it down to two options both made by the same Canadian company.

The Jacob was the sofa that the store staff was most excited about, simply because of the sale price they could offer, which was about 1/2 the cost of the others that we looked at.  We liked that we could customize the configuration and fabric, but really didn’t care for the super wide arms.

The Harry had a look that suited our tastes better and offered the same options for customization, but was double the price.

I couldn’t of course take any photos of couches that weren’t there, but I did snap some pics of our favorite fabric options:

To be honest, I’m not sure that either of these is the perfect couch for us, but the experience certainly helped us to better understand what we are looking for and it was definitely fun to start looking 🙂  Looking forward to checking out what Kelowna and Spokane might have to offer next!

I’ll leave you with a photo of our little guy … clearly he had a long day of shopping too!
Carson Shopping | making it in the mountains